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Van Gogh Sunflowers by Kinders

completed hanging sunflowers painting

I think this might be favorite of the year! Kindergarten took a look at Van Gogh’s sunflowers (all 5 of his paintings!) and we dug in. Some bubble wrap for textured flower middles. A textured black paper made a nice vase. We glued these all down and then talked about warm colors and painted the background, including over the vase. We talked about how a vase would look on a table and not just hovering over it as they like to typically draw. After this dried, the next class they textured yellow construction paper with oil pastel and cut loads of their own petals and ta-da — some gorgeous, large scale Van Gogh I continue to admire. 

students working on the sunflower project

Check out all our Van Gogh resources in our shop! Including this one all about his sunflower paintings.

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