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Art Around the World - Uluru Rock


Another one for our Art Around the World — Australia. I went looking for landmarks and there aren’t too many that stand out in the Outback. But one of the native’s favorites is Uluru (Ayers Rock).

art work of Uluru rock

Lots of fun facts! Uluru is a living and breathing landscape that is incredibly special, sacred and spiritual to the land’s indigenous owners for thousands of years. Did you know it’s taller than the Eiffel Tower? The Uluru Base Walk is a 10km walk on a flat marked dirt path, and can be completed in around 3.5 hours. You can see the rock changing color before you, the best time of the day to visit Uluru is around sunrise and sunset, as that’s when there is quite a broad contrast of colors, both in the sky and on the rock itself.

uluru rock at sunset

This led to our project. It lends itself to chalk pastel. I usually don’t love chalk. Let’s be honest — it’s so messy. But this was a good one to try it with, and wow — I love the results. Encouraging the use of red on Uluru just makes this beauty stand out. I always encourage a heavy use of chalk. I tell students to lay it on thick and make it look like velvet. Pretty simple project, this one has more to do with drawing from observation.

closeup of artwork of Uluru rock

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