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Kinder Chameleons


Looking for a colorful summer/spring time kindergarten project - This is our colorful and fun chameleon project. Chameleons are a very unique kind of animal. They are characterized by their small size, quadrupedal postures, extrudable tongues, independently rotating eyes, and their ability to change color. Did you know that there are actually over 200 kinds of chameleon. They can also live up to 12 years.

Chameleon Art work by kindergartners

My kindergarten did an amazing job with these fun and fantastic directed drawing chameleons — Every time I pass them in the hall I just smile, they’re so happy and colorful! Some tempera cakes with a cool colored lizard and warm colored background and then oil pastel over the top when it’s dried makes this multi-media masterpiece one I want to bring back again and again. 

Looking for more kindergarten friendly fun animal projects - we have a great crocodile project.

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